About Us:

About XCMG:

For over half a century, XCMG Co. has been designing and manufacturing various cranes such as Telescopic Truck-mounted cranes, including Hydraulic Truck Cranes, with lifting capacities of 16-130 tons , all-terrain cranes with lifting capacities of 130-500 tons , heavy Crawler cranes with lifting capacities of 50-650 tons and Tower cranes with lifting capacities of 3-20 tons thus achieving a substantial share in the global heavy-machinery market.  

With the cooperation of prominent American and European companies, XCMG pioneered the designing and manufacturing of heavy cranes in China and achieved unprecedented success. Accomplishments such as ranking first in manufacturing and sales of products, and ranking second in annual profits in 2008 have made XCMG the most renowned Chinese manufacturer of heavy machinery in the world.

By allocating over 50’000 square meters of factory space and by employing over 3000 workers and experts in various fields, XCMG has taken over the competition in this industry.

Every product manufactured by XCMG has ISO9001 certification in quality and ISO14001 certification in management. Moreover, all parts installed and assembled on the cranes including engines, transmissions, load-control and monitoring system, hydraulics and pumps, and even the raw material used in production of the booms are provided by leading European and American companies.



About Rahdar Sanat Machine :

Rahdar Sanat Machine Co. is now the exclusive representative of XCMG in Iran. Backed by adept management and over three decades of experience in the heavy machinery and cranes industry, Rahdar Sanat Maschine Co. now provides heavy cranes and services including spare parts and after-sales services.

All the cranes provided by Rahdar Sanat Machine Co. have a one-year or 1000-hour guarantee (whichever comes first), and a ten-year warranty for technical and spare parts services, which includes operator training, maintenance, and periodic inspections by our trained technicians.

Our experts will always readily reply to any questions and provide, in person, any supplementary information.


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